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The Kiss Dare To Do Australia is a community site providing information and support. Our vision is that everybody who is catastrophically ill or injured in Australia will have their lifetime care and support paid for and will never have to embark on litigation.

Jackson sitting on a bean bagOur first success was the legislation adopting lifetime care and support in NSW that ensures people who are catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW will no longer be forced to seek financial compensation for care and rehabilitation. These victims have the guarantee that their lifetime care will be paid in full. It is time for this compassionate solution to be implemented in all our states and territories.

17 January 2021

This website is an archive celebrating the life and achievements of a very brave little boy, Jackson. 17 August 1993 was his birthday and if he had been alive today he would be 27 years and four months old. I wonder and dream how much he could have achieved by now, given how much he did achieve in his short life.
Peter Stephens, Jackson's grandfatherDecember 2020

Peter Stephens, Jackson's maternal grandfather, Pop was always very close to Jackson. They were great mates. Peter took Jackson to Cubs and Scouts and on weekends occasionally to his farm, "Piccolo Bre" Picton NSW which Jackson loved. Twice daily Jackson awaited Pops phone calls and his wonderful kookaburra sounds. Jackson celebrated his 10th birthday 2003 very happily at “Piccolo Bre” with family and friends.

This year Pop Stephens celebrated his 80th birthday and 40 years of calling "Piccolo Bre" his home.

Thank you Peter for being a very big part of Jackson's life, creating memories and experiences that our Jackson loved.

June 2005

  Caring for the catastrophically injured victims on NSW roads

Jackson and Judie meet Premier Bob Carr at NSW Parliament House to make the announcement of Lifetime Care and Support Scheme by the Motor Accident Authority.

View the media release

January 2005

  Judie receives the Order of Australia Medal

This award was presented to Judie for her law reform advocacy.

See a photo from the night

May 2004

  Fighting for the rights of Australia’s most vulnerable citizens

Richard Cumpston, an actuary works with Judie Stephens.

January 2003

Christopher Reeve Visits Australia

Christopher Reeve visited Sydney for the Making Connections NSW Premier's Forum on Spinal Cord Injury and Conditions.

December 2002

Structured Settlements and Structured Orders

Structured Settlements and Structured Orders are now available in Australia.